Joe Cutler

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Joe Cutler

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Joe Cutler is a counsel in the Litigation group and a member of the firm's Privacy & Security subgroup. Joe's litigation work currently focuses on combating cybercrime and enforcing website terms of use. In addition to his litigation work, Joe counsels clients in areas related to privacy and data security, consumer protection law and Internet law. He has spent considerable time throughout his practice conducting privacy audits and helping clients develop and implement information governance programs. Joe is an active core member of the Decentralized Virtual Currencies industry group where he advises clients that deal with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to comply with financial services laws, and to develop and implement anti-money laundering programs.

Joe manages a rapid response enforcement team to vigorously defend clients, such as Facebook, against illegal spamming, phishing, pretexting and other forms of malicious Internet behavior. Actions to prosecute individuals whose actions interfere with client websites or Internet activity often include extensive Internet forensic work, cease-and-desist actions and formal litigation.

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