Gustav Simonsson

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Gustav Simonsson



Gustav Simonsson is a developer, engineer, blockchain enthusiast and dabbling researcher constantly striving to get to the edge of technology and push us closer to the technological singularity.

A core developer at Ethereum with focus on blockchain security and the Golang client, he works closely with security auditors, bug bounty hunters and the Ethereum team to ensure the security underlying the platform. His work on consensus protocols, core clients and network security helped launch the platform in 2015.

He also has an active interest in Bitcoin, ranging from trading to integration of bitcoin in major payment providers and prototyping oracle-driven sports betting on it’s blockchain.

With a background in Computer Science, Gustav has since 2011 specialised in development of complex backend systems and racked up experiences in FinTech, payment processing, telecom and most recently blockchain systems. While today a full stack developer, Gustav has a strong passion for and background in functional programming from working in the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson R&D in Stockholm.

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